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Spring Wildlife Trips
These departures offer a rare opportunity to experience the Salmon River Canyon during its annual rebirth. The grass is green, trees newly leafed out or in the process, wildlife closer to the river, and migratory bird life not normally found in the canyon may be in evidence. April is spring time on the Salmon. Of course, the peak spring display, like the weather, cannot be predicted. Spring may arrive early or late, and temperatures can range from the low forties at night to the high eighties during the day. Participation on a river trip in April requires an adventurous spirit, not because of the rapids, but because the weather is less certain with the possibility of cooler temperatures. The uncertain spring conditions prompts us to arrange nightly lodge accommodations each evening on the river. A little weather is more acceptable when you know you'll have a hot shower and a warm place to sleep at the end of the day.

Accepting the vagaries of weather and the sometimes fickle arrival of spring, there are other reasons to consider an April trip on the Salmon. It is rare to see another float trip party on the river this time of year. In modern times there is no other season of the year which offers the solitude which must have been common along the river a hundred years ago. Additionally, the nightly stays at rustic but clean fishing lodges and guest ranches provides an opportunity to meet some of the people who live and work in the canyon. They are independent, self-reliant, and gracious hosts who embody the characteristics which were once the essence of our nation's populace. You will leave each lodge with new friends.

Spring trips are not limited to adult participation, but because of school schedules it is uncommon for families with children to reserve space on a spring departure. For these trips we most often utilize at least one sweep boat for both gear and participants. The water temperature is cold and many people enjoy the security of the spray skirts which allow them to have cameras and binoculars at hand for viewing wildlife. With sufficient bookings we will also add a paddle boat for those who wish to participate in the navigation of the river. Participants may transfer between paddle boat and sweep boat as the mood dictates as long as sufficient paddlers remain to safely maneuver the paddle raft. Inflatable kayaks (rubber duckies) are not recommended at this time of year unless the participants have a wet or dry suit.

Four departures are usually offered at this time of year. Because of the rare use of the river during the spring the Forest Service does not mandate or control our trip schedule. Accordingly, April departure dates typically change each year. Normally, the arrival dates are set on a Friday to allow participants to take advantage of lower airfares offered for over-the-weekend stays. Other departure dates are possible if the reservation is made sufficiently in advance to allow an adjustment of the spring schedule.

2021 Departures
  • April 16-22
  • April 23-29
Compare our Rates with Others
Salmon option: $3,400.00 per person
Boise option: $3,800.00 per person

All Inclusive River Trip Packages
Our logistical package includes many transportation and ancillary amenities not usually provided by other outfitters. The only items not included are hard liquor, fishing license, and fishing tackle. As a part of our package we offer access through three Idaho communities.

The Boise Airport is served by Delta, Skywest, Horizon, Northwest, Southwest, and United. From Boise we arrange space with chartered air taxi services for flights between Boise and Salmon. Some weight and baggage restrictions apply for the air taxi portion of the trip.
Participants arriving in personal vehicles may meet us in Salmon.

Package includes

  • Round trip chartered air taxi from Boise, Idaho to Salmon, Idaho and return
  • Accommodations on the first and sixth nights in Salmon at the Stage Coach Inn
  • Restaurant dinners and breakfasts before and after the river trip
  • Water proof personal gear bag
  • All river beverages (except hard liquor)
  • Jet boat return upstream on last river day, or scenic flight out of the canyon, depending on water levels
  • State and Federal taxes and fees


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