Salmon River Whitwater Rafting Trips


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Autumn Adults Only Trips
Beginning with the August 4th departure we again offer lodge accommodation trips on a regular basis, and unless otherwise requested by a group restrict participation to adults. Because of school commitments, family travel moderates in the fall and adults who wish to avoid travel with small children are assured mature companionship while floating the Salmon. At one time we called these seniors only trips. However, there are increasing numbers of seniors who wish to experience the Salmon River Canyon with an adult child as a companion. We therefore have eliminated the fifty year age minimum to allow this opportunity for mature family members to share this special time on the Salmon River together.

Late August often finds river traffic much reduced and we expect to see other river travelers less frequently than in the summer. The pace is leisurely with the lower river volume typical of autumn. Black bear are more often spotted at this time of year. Because the Indian Summer climate provides cooler nights and warm day time temperatures, we are again encouraged to seek the security of the river lodges for our overnight stays. While these departures follow the same logistical format as the Spring Wildlife trips with lodge accommodations, it is more likely we will need to substitute a chartered air taxi flight out of the canyon on the last river day rather than use jet boats for our egress. Consideration of this trip should include an awareness that small, single engine aircraft may be a necessary part of the trip's logistics. The flight from our last river night's lodge to Salmon is about thirty-five minutes and offers scenic views of the canyon and the wilderness area unavailable from the river or highway.

2021 Departures
  • August 4-10
  • August 12-18
  • August 20-26
  • August 28 - September 3
  • September 5 - 11
  • September 13 - 19
Compare our Rates with Others
Salmon option: $3,400.00 per person
Boise option: $3,800.00 per person

All Inclusive River Trip Packages
Our logistical package includes many transportation and ancillary amenities not usually provided by other outfitters. The only items not included are hard liquor, fishing license, and fishing tackle. As a part of our package we offer access through three Idaho communities.

The Boise Airport is served by Delta, Skywest, Horizon, Northwest, Southwest, and United. From Boise we arrange space with chartered air taxi services for flights between Boise and Salmon. Some weight and baggage restrictions apply for the air taxi portion of the trip.
Participants arriving in personal vehicles may meet us in Salmon.

Package includes

  • Round trip chartered air taxi from Boise, Idaho to Salmon, Idaho and return
  • Accommodations on the first and sixth nights in Salmon at the Stage Coach Inn
  • Restaurant dinners and breakfasts before and after the river trip
  • Water proof personal gear bag
  • All river beverages (except hard liquor)
  • Jet boat return upstream on last river day, or scenic flight out of the canyon, depending on water levels
  • State and Federal taxes and fees

Single Supplement:

  • For Single room at Stagecoach Inn on the 1st and 6th nights (before and after the river trip) please add $90.00 per person.


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